Homo Inquietus

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The development of the Homo Inquietus Foundation was inspired by Stefan Symotiuk’s original philosophical system of the same name.

The Foundations main aims are to support a variety of activities designed to increase memories about the polish philosophers’ work.

The first objective is publications which are currently being collected. Plans are to devote the first parts to philosophers associated with UMCS in Lublin.

The main objectives of the Foundation:

*       Activities related to dissemination of the achievements of Polish philosophical thought.

*       The development of philosophical attitudes.

*       Organising meetings promulgating philosophical thinking

*       Publishing subsequent volumes of  „Philosophical Interviews Scripture”,

Anyone wishing to contribute to realisation of the foundation

objectives , including the current project (the book publicity) do not hesitate to contact.
According to the statue, the Foundation’s revenue may come in particular from donations, bequests and legacies, grants and subsidies of legal persons, organizations and institutions.

Account: 06114020170000440210477414 BRE Bank, with a note: „Scripture”

Please also note that the Foundation is currently classified as a non-governmental organization, not a unit of the public finance sector, within the meaning of the provisions on public finances, and non-profit,  but does not have a status which allows any donation to be tax deductable on the basis of an Act on public benefit.

KRS 0000330194

Supervisor: Minister of Culture and National Heritage, President of Warsaw City

Contact the Foundation Homo Inquietus: Kontakt@HomoInquietus.org


Prof. Jadwiga Mizińska

Professor and head of Sociology of Knowledge, at the Institute of Philosophy in Lublin. President of the Lublin Branch of the Polish Philosophical Society. A member of the Polish Society of Ethics. Initiator and co-editor of series ‚Lublin Philosophical Readings’. Member of the editorial board and editor of the journal Colloquia Communia. Her acquits has over 200 articles, treatises and reviews. The circle of interests: sociology of knowledge, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of  culture, ethics, philosophy of literature and pedagogy.

[Member of the Board of the Foundation]

Prof. Stefan Symotiuk

Professor Dr. Hab. of Institute of Philosophy U MCS. A specialist from the philosophy of culture, history of Polish philosophy and methodology of teaching philosophy. Creator of  „Homo Inquietus” system – the theory of  „troubled man.” This is an anthropology of various segments: biological, psychological and cultural. In addition to the concept of „great human nature” and „great-human nature” it includes the status of „historical human” and predicts the future of humanity.

[Member of the Foundation Board]

Dorota Staniszewska

Graduate in sociology (University in Lublin) and post-graduate in European Studies. Over the past years she led advice on market research and marketing strategies. She has gained years of experience in market research agencies, and as a Head of Analysis and Strategy in one of the largest Polish clothing companies. Currently she leads consulting projects for companies in the fashion industry and clothing manufacturers. She develops and oversees projects aimed at influencing decision-making and observation of customer behaviour.

[Member of the Board of the Foundation]

Beata Monk

President of  Young and Rubicam Brands Poland. Educated as an economist (SGH and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne) with years of experience in management, marketing and advertising. Since 4 years she manages communications group of Young and Rubicam Brands in Poland. Board member of  Marketing Communication Association for SAR.  A member of the Polish Business Council Club and the Programme Council of the Congress of Polish Women – Women for Poland, Poland for Women. Lecturer in the School of Brand Strategy and a member of the Committee of Effie.

[Founder, Board Member of the Foundation]

Marek Staniszewski

A graduate in philosophy at UMCS. Over the past years dealt with the communication strategy of the biggest brands in advertising agencies operating in Poland. Vice-President of Y&R in Poland. Author of many articles on communication, marketing and strategy. Lecturer in marketing schools.

[Founder, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation]

Łukasz Marcińczak

Doctor of Philosophy at the UMCS. Editor of the Association of Graduates of  UMCS „AS UMCS”. Regular associate of the quarterly literary and artistic -„Accent”.

[Foundation Editor]

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